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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Viral for make benefit glorious nation of Malaysiastan

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You really got to wonder sometimes what the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) was really set up for.

A video promoting the right to vote has been taken off the air by local broadcasters despite a push for greater democracy because it contains opposition figures and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s speech talking about Malaysia having problems.
Still from "Undilah", image hosting by Photobucket
The Malaysian Insider learnt that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) directed local broadcasters this week not to use the public service announcement (PSA) produced by musician Pete Teo just days after its launch on September 16.

“MCMC emailed both Astro and Media Prima Bhd about the issue, telling them the video clip should not be aired because Ku Li speaks about the country having problems and also because it features opposition leaders,” an industry source told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Tengku Razaleigh by his popular nickname.
(source: The Malaysian Insider)

The problem the MCMC has, apparently, is the word “problem”, mentioned by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who’s featured in the video, in relation to Malaysiastan Malaysia. Oh, and the appearance of opposition personalities, too, it seems.

Is this what ‘more democracy’ means, Najib?

Walski is starting to wonder whether the media misunderstood our esteemed Prime Minister, who may have actually said ‘more demagoguecracy’ on the eve of Malaysia Day a week ago.

Well, whatever... in situations like this, when a simple Public Service Announcement urging folks to register to vote becomes something so scary that the MCMC has to stick their noses into and suppress, there’s only one recourse for netizens like Walski: make the video go viral.
(the video, how you can make it go viral, and more, in the full post)

So, here’s the video that the MCMC prefers you didn’t  view. Or even know about.

All credit and kudos to Pete Teo, the creative mind behind this excellent public service effort.

Seriously, make it go viral. Post it on your Facebook page, or blog/website (if you have one), or download it. And if you’re on Twitter, twalk about it.

Walski’s quite sure it’s not the intention of the MCMC for folks to not register to vote. It’s just that they sure have some strange ideas about what we can, or shouldn’t, have access to. Everybody and their pet iguana knows Malaysia’s got problems. Heck, which country doesn’t?

Well, denial is NOT going to solve these problems, just as denial isn’t a river in Egypt. If the current government isn’t effective enough for your liking, change it – not through violent revolt or anything silly like that, but through your vote.

And to vote, you’ve got to be a registered voter. Which is what Undilah is all about. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

That’s the part the MCMC doesn’t seem to get. All it sees through their rose-tinted blinkers are the personalities featured, and what’s mentioned, without seeing the bigger picture.

As any optometrist will readily tell you, blinkers – rose tinted or otherwise – obstruct your peripheral vision, making it difficult to see the bigger picture of what’s around you. Or, in this case, in front of you.

Thus far, as of the time of posting, the video has gotten well over 334,000 views on YouTube (the sum of all 4 language versions: English, BM, Chinese & Tamil). That’s not counting direct downloads, which Walski doesn’t have the figures for. On Facebook, Undilah has gotten over 14,000 likes.

You can help keep the momentum going. For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Malaysia... stan.