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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 things the Monyet (Monkey) King wants Civil Society to do

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Yes, Walski did say that the King is fair... and in this third installment of his 10 things, the target is Civil Society. Meaning, the NGOs and individuals who care enough to say and do something.

Being a peripheral part of civil (and many times 'sewel', meaning nutty) society, Walski thinks his simianness' advice may not be something you want to hear, but it definitely is something you NEED to heed.

And yes, Walski still maintains that the Monyet King is being very fair. So, stop monyetting around and read the piece in its entirety (only the points have been clipped here).

Being fair ain't easy, but it's something we all gotta be, if we want to be regarded with any amount of credibility. If the Monyet King realizes this, so, too, should we...

Planet of the Monyets
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In order to be really fair, I think it is proper that I also write about the 10 things that I want civil society or the third force to do [although I think Yoda might be offended at the use of the term “force”. You can’t simply play around with this force thing, you know]. [Actually I am also not sure whether using the term third force is appropriate to what I am writing… so I am rojakking third force, civil society, NGOs in the write up. Don’t bother with the technicalities, you will get I am trying to say]
1.Be fair
2.Good governance
4.Capacity building
5.Create hope
6.Engage with more Malaysians
7.Learn from Sabah
8.Be prepared for the long haul
9.Work on the younglings
10.Stay away from race rhetorics