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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 things the Monyet King wants BN to do

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Yes, the Monyet (Monkey) King has decreed.

But don't let his seemingly simian and diminutive proportions fool you into thinking that the 10 things he wants is simply a regal simian monkeying around. Far from it, the Monyet King is serious about what he's decreed.

Walski's clipped the 10 points, but each comes will at least a paragraph of elaboration (so do yourself a favor and read the whole damned thing).

For the target of the post, the ruling BN coalition, this piece may prove to be more slippery than a banana peel... but if BN is serious about being there for all Malaysians, the least they can do is read the post.

And take the unsolicited advise seriously - the king may be a Monyet, but the 10-point decree is certainly no monkey business...

Planet of the Monyets
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Here are 10 things that I would like BN to do (in a few days, I will write about the 10 things I want Pakatan to do)
1.Listen to the rakyat
2.Encourage opposing views
3.Liberalise mainstream media
4.Do more to wipe out corruption
5.Sabah and Sarawak
6.Orang Asli
7.Strengthen schools and universities
8.Attract talent
9.Bridge in gender gap in politics
10.Get rid of the tainted and the incompetent