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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sony to compensate PSN customers

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The intrusion into the PlayStation Network (PSN) was described as "very sophisticated", and has potentially affected a large number of users. That said, none of PSN's customers have, so far, reported any credit card fraud or identity theft.

The CNET report also includes a poll: whether or not users plan to stick with PSN. The result so-far: 44% have said Yes, while those who do not plan to, or are unsure is pretty much split down the middle.

In the meantime, Sony is enhancing the security on their network, and hopes to get PSN up and fully functional again soon.

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Sony to restore PSN services, compensate customers

Two weeks after Sony's
PlayStation Network was hacked Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, addressed the issue in a press conference in Tokyo tonight.

Though they still don't know who orchestrated the intrusion on the PSN servers in San Diego, Calif., they were "very sophisticated," Hirai said. It's still not entirely clear what kind of data the hackers got their hands on, but he reiterated that they don't believe credit card data to have been taken and added that the company has received no complaints of identity theft or credit card fraud yet.

Most services will be restored "within the week," Hirai said. The first PSN services to come back online will be online game play for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, the ability to play downloaded movies from PSN, and unexpired movie rentals through PSN and Qriocity and chat functionalities.

"We are aiming to restore full services including the PlayStation Store and purchasing features within the month," Hirai said.