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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Muslim lawyers want Islamic law to be made by Malay Rulers

While everyone bickers about the so-called "Christian Conspiracy", here's one group that every Malaysian should be wary about.

In essence, what they're asking is the first step towards religious apartheid, and an up-front attack on the democratic process, eventually making this nation a bona fide religious despotic state.

Don't be afraid, be VERY afraid - the 3rd Power Column is starting to rear its ugly head...

Rational Muslims in Malaysia must step up an openly oppose this suggestion!

Muslim lawyers will ask the government to remove Parliament’s legislative powers over Islamic affairs and to hand them to the Malay Rulers instead.

The Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia’s (PPMM) proposed memorandum comes even as a raging debate swirls over whether Muslim-majority Malaysia can be headed by a non-Muslim prime minister.

“This is to avoid debate on Islamic laws by non-Muslims, including Muslims who do not have knowledge in Islamic law,” PPMM president Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar was quoted as saying in Utusan Malaysia today.

“Approval from the Conference of Rulers or the Yang di-Pertuan Agong will be obtained first before they (the laws) are brought to the Cabinet and Parliament. They only need to be extended to the Cabinet to be confirmed without being debated as they have already been approved by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. When they are submitted for first and second reading, they also do not need to be debated as they have already been approved by the Conference of Rulers,” he said.

Currently, proposed laws or Bills are first discussed by the Cabinet, after which they are submitted to Parliament and undergo three readings before the Dewan Rakyat chooses to pass them or not.

Once the Bills are passed, they are sent to the Senate and then to the King for royal assent.

Zainul Rijal suggested instead that Islamic Bills, which are drafted by the Islamic Development Department’s (Jakim) Syarak and civil law technical committee, be forwarded to the Attorney-General’s Chambers to be legislated.

After that, the Bills should be brought to the National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia (MKI), and then forwarded to the Conference of Rulers to be approved, he said.

Some Malay-Muslim groups have been pushing the view that the federal constitution proclaims Islam to be its “official” religion and that only a Muslim can be the prime minister.