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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Boys-in-Blue on Blue...

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Read the blog post clipped here in its entirety, then answer the question: who uploaded the video?

Naughty, naughty... no wonder PapaGomo's been called up to PDRM of late. If what's posted here is true, then sad to say that some of our boys in blue are in cahoots with UMNO in spreading the party's propaganda, involving something else that's blue.

Last week, the controversial sex video allegedly involving Anwar Ibrahim was uploaded, in 4 parts, to YouTube. Needless to say, due to the explicit nature of the videos, they were taken down not long after.

But didn't Datuk T. state that they did not distribute the video, but instead handed it over to the police? And if what the trio say is true, then who has been distributing the video, and how did PapaGomo get his grubby hands on it?

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Now you can guess who uploaded the sex video....

PKR has zeroed in on federal police headquarters Bukit Aman, saying it is involved in a series of talks to spread 'lies' and 'slander' against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in PAS-led Kelantan.
According to Azmin, the talks - themed 'Seminar Isu-Isu Keselamatan Negara Masa Kini' - were organised in Bachok and three other areas in Kelantan and were directed at school principals and teachers. As many as 2,000 principals and teachers are said to have attended the events, with each school being required to send its principal and eight teachers.
Azmin said one of the main speakers is a police officer with the rank of senior assistant commissioner (SAC). Named as Abdul Rahman Ismail, he is the chief assistant director in the research and secretariat unit in Bukit Aman.
By engaging with the public in such a manner, Azmin said Abdul Rahman had become one of the BN-government's "slander agents to talk about sex and sodomy issues".
"He said Anwar is guilty in the sodomy case and sex video issue," claimed Azmin, who described the alleged police involvement in the talks as an abuse of the police force by Umno.
"Why is a senior police involved in giving a political speech which repeats Umno propaganda?"