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Friday, April 01, 2011

With much regret we announce...

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… that this is the very last post to be published on myAsylum.

Ever since the first post on this blog way back in February 2006, Walski has tried his level best to write as best he can.

It does appear that 5 years later, the fire that got it all started just ain’t there anymore. Call it terminal writer’s block, but somehow the words just can’t seem to roll off the keyboard anymore. There are other reasons, of course, but this is the primary one.

Walski would like to thank all you readers for sticking with him all these years. It’s been a great roll, but like all good things, this too has to come to an end.

And what of the other reasons?
(the REAL reasons for quitting, and more, in the full post)

Well, one reason is – check your calendar – that Walski’s always wanted to put this stupid video on this blog….

You’ve just been Rick Roll’d…

As juvenile as it may sound, Walski has always wanted to say that… and what better time to say it than today, no?

Yeah, well Walski just couldn't resist... and this blog's actually gonna be around for a lot longer than some would like it to.

Happy April Fools… at least it’s not as bad as the Hello/Goodbye Kitty prank pulled 3 years ago… he knows that this time around it’s definitely not as creative, but he had to do something nevertheless.

But Walski does hope that this prank was the mildest… happy weekend folks!