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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sarawak: Alleged postal vote tampering

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If true, this lends credence to the long-suspected practice of how the incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN) sometimes makes use postal votes to ensure victory. This adds further injury to the BN, alleged by some to have offered cash to "buy" votes in the 10th Sarawak state election, due to be held this Saturday, April 16.

Sarawak is considered as a critical BN stronghold, and called by some the "fixed deposit" state for BN, ensuring that the coalition continue it's over half century rule in Malaysia.

More on this as and when the story develops further.

DAP releases postal vote tampering video

DAP released a video clip purportedly showing four women handing over their postal votes to a man at Wisma Sanyan here yesterday.
The one minute clip shows a be-spectacled man receiving what looked like postal ballot papers from four women who had just picked them up from the Election Commission.
he video, which was released at the DAP’s daily press conference, here, showed the women handing over the ballots to the man in a stairwell at the iconic building, which is the tallest in Sibu.

Postal voting proper only got underway at 9am today.

The five were caught unawares while they were being filmed by a DAP polling agent. They immediately dispersed when they saw the party worker filming them with his camera phone.

The man attempted to block the DAP agent’s view of the women as they ran out of the stairwell. 

The voter is supposed to mark the ballot, fill out the form, seal the envelopes and return the package to the EC.

The women in the video were purportedly handing over the orange-coloured ballot papers to the man. It could not be ascertained what the man intended to do with the papers.