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Thursday, April 14, 2011

RPK tells his side of the story... again

Following up on yesterday's post, the interview aired on TV3 was not the full interview, but choice snippets with editorializing voice-overs disallowing viewers to hear what RPK actually said.

In this article from yesterday, RPK tells his side - again for the umpteenth time - about what transpired.

Details disclosed here were probably said during the interview, too, but we'll never really know for sure until TV3 airs it in full. As it is, what TV3 aired yesterday during its prime time news bulletin was nothing more than sound-bite journalism.

Amplify’d from
The Umno websites and blogs call me a liar. They say I have signed a statutory declaration falsely accusing Rosmah Mansor and the husband and wife Lt Kols (Aziz Buyong and Norhayati Hassan) as being at the scene of the Altantuya murder the night she was murdered and blown up with C4.

The Malaysian government says the same thing and they arrested me and charged me for criminal defamation.

The mainstream media says the same thing: that I alleged Rosmah Mansor and Lt Kols Aziz Buyong and Norhayati Hassan were at the scene of the Altantuya murder the night she was murdered.

The online media also says the same thing; even sites like Malayskini, The Malaysian Insider and so on.
For three years I have written article after article explaining the statutory declaration that I signed in June 2008. I have made video recordings on the same matter, which are in Youtube, plus I spoke at ceramahs about this issue all over the place.

But until today my explanation has been ignored. They still insist that the story is: I alleged that Rosmah and the two Lt Kols were at the scene of Altantuya’s murder the night she was murdered.