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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's always the other guy's fault...

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Good read.

BN (UMNO in particular) should realize that you can't be right about 100% of everything 100% of the time. And when there are shortcomings, admitting those shortcomings is perhaps more admirable than being arrogant.

And yet, apparently not learning an iota from March 2008, BN does the same 'ol, blaming others for their failure.

Noh Omar seems to think that the urban voters who didn't vote for BN in Sarawak are ungrateful. Well, for one thing, wake up and smell the democracy, dude. In a democracy, no one political entity has the absolute right to rule indefinitely, and if that entity doesn't perform to the satisfaction of its constituents (regardless of how well said entity THINKS they have performed), they get punished at the ballot box.

It's as simple as that, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

And then you have folks in positions of power (or in this specific case, formerly in a position of power) stating this, that and the other without offering any proof.

It would appear that having not really learned much from March 2008, the lack of introspective soul searching and the quick reflex of blaming others is still the modus operandi of BN.

Sometimes, though, it takes a total catastrophe for some to learn...

Way to go, BN — Ali Kadir

Nothing irks more than people who refuse to admit mistakes, and instead look for excuses, blame others and even feign ignorance.

In the category of people who refuse to admit mistakes is Noh Omar, Mahathir Mohamad and those people masquerading as journalists at Utusan Malaysia.

Instead of accepting that urban Malaysians are rejecting BN because of their arrogance, corruption, abuse of power, low quality leaders (I am not sure we can even call them leaders), dishonesty, lack of integrity, avarice, the likes of Noh and Mahathir prefer to blame others.

Noh says urban voters are ungrateful. I suppose we should be grateful for the fact that our country will never reach its potential because of the thieving ways of BN. It is like a thief asking me to be grateful after a home invasion. Noh and his colleagues forget that we should be grateful to God only for his providence and blessing upon this land of ours.

To put it simply, those of us who are God-fearing cannot support crooks. And that injunction does not recognise any divide, colour or geography.

Of course, Dr Mahathir has built up a career of looking elsewhere. So it should not surprise any of us that in the aftermath of Sarawak elections, he has blamed DAP for introducing racial politics into Sarawak. Of course, he says all this without empirical evidence.

If he had even bothered to do some research or read Bridget Welsh's analysis in Malaysiakini, he would have realised that urban voters across racial lines gave DAP candidates victory.

This means that Bidayuhs, Malays, Dayaks voted for the men in white. But shooting from the hip is easy and mostly inaccurate.

Instead of doing his party and coalition a favour by doing a thoughtful post mortem the doctor performed a hatchet job. But I suppose that it would be asking Dr Mahathir too much to be honest with his assessment because then he would have to admit that he planted the seeds of urban disaffection with BN during his 22 years of excesses.