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Monday, July 27, 2009

WTF is up with KOSMO?

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If you’ve been following Walski’s neck of the Twitterverse woods, you’d probably have heard the totally insensitive front page (and page 2) story about the late Yasmin Ahmad that Kosmo! decided to run today.

And for what? Circulation? Ok, they got to sell one extra copy today, but only because Walski needed to see exactly how insensitive these Utusan fucks can be. And what did the front page and page 2 say, exactly? Well, read it for yourself (in PDF – alternatively downloadable from here).

Walski really wonders what goes thru the minds of these idiots sometimes... and if you haven’t already, isn’t it high time you stopped buying any Utusan publications?  
(the insensitivity of Kosmo!, and more, in the full post)

Granted, the article wasn’t written viciously – it was, in its own twisted way, a tribute of sorts. But that’s not the point.

Thankfully, though, the rest of their coverage on Yasmin was full of praise – they should’ve been sensible enough to have kept it that way throughout. But, hey… this is, after all, the spawn of Utusan we’re talking about. Intelligence is not exactly what Walski would associate Kosmo! with. Or, for that matter, sensitivity.

Truth be told, this is not the first time Walski had heard of such stories regarding Yasmin, and if you had bothered to look, there are quite a few blogs writing stories and posting pictures of Yasmin Ahmad along the same tired storyline.

But seriously, true or not – who the hell cares? Walski doesn’t. Because it doesn’t take anything whatsoever away from the fact that Yasmin Ahmad, through her work, inspired the nation. It’s as simple as that.

And that, folks, is what matters in the end – how you lived your life and contributed to the betterment of those around you. That’s how Walski chooses to remember Yasmin – for the wonderful films she made, her positivity, and her ardent hope that one day we can all live together as one people.

Let’s face it – we all know the kind of dirtbag journalism Kosmo!, and it’s sister-publication Utusan, choose to practice. Running the story the way they did comes as no surprise to Walski whatsoever.

What can Walski say… dirtbags are as dirtbags will be. They can print all the crap they want, but it doesn’t mean that Walski – or anyone else – has to buy it.

Kosmo! and Utusan? Well, the solution is actually quite simple: if the buying stops, maybe the lying will, too… 

Perhaps it’s high time the MSM hartal got back into gear (via The People’s Parliament)… Well, count Walski in, for sure…


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