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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boycott McNutty

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Our ex-PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, has asked Malaysian employees of McDonalds and Starbucks quit their jobs in protest of the US supporting Israel. For that matter, to quit from any US company.

But why stop at a half-assed boycott of "selected" companies? Walski thinks that it's a little hypocritical to target only mention these two companies specifically. Well, four, if you count Coca-Cola and Colgate-Palmolive (as PPIM has proposed). If you really want to cripple the economy of the US, there are a whole load of other companies you should boycott, too.

A pretty comprehensive list can be found here (via Wikipedia - which you should also boycott immediately after reading the list of American companies, since it's founder, Jimmy Wales, is also an American). But the complete list is somewhat boring, so Walski's selected a few key immediately recognizable ones that you should boycott.

Well, after all, Dr. M says that it won't kill ya... so, here's a guide to other American entities that you probably should boycott, too.
(let's boycott comprehensively, and more, in the full post)

And like most lists, we'll do this alphabetically. Until Walski gets tired. Plus, some explanations, to tire Walski out...

Image hosting by Photobucket3M Company - among other things, this company makes those yellow Post-it® notepads. And there are a whole host of other products 3M makes that you can happily boycott, too. Like Scotch-Brite® scouring pads. 3M operates in Malaysia as well, although offhand Walski's not sure how many Malaysians they employ.

Abbot Laboratories - core products are in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and medical equipment. Got a headache? Well, don't take Vicodin. In fact, just live with your damn headache, since Panadol (made by GlaxoSmithKline) is made by a company that, while isn't US-based, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. And no, living with headaches won't kill you... you'll simply be miserable, but you'll survive. Medical equipment? Walski reckons some people would rather die and become martyrs.

Adobe Systems - PDF's? Nope, forget about 'em - archive your documents by chiseling them in stone. They'll last longer. Illustrator? Use a fucking pencil instead (the non-US made ones) - it'll be tough doing web-based graphics, but that shouldn't matter anyway - read on to find out why.

Avon Products - Skip looking pretty (or less stinky) by boycotting products from this American corporation. Sure, it'll put a heckuva lot of direct selling housewives out of work, but hey - who needs money when you can beg on the streets, right? Sometimes, it's better to receive than give...

Boeing - Walski hopes that when traveling, Dr. M avoids any Boeing aircraft like the B737, B747, and B777 (65 out of the 79 MAS birds are Boeings). Luckily for Air Asia, they switched to Airbus, almost entirely (only 19 out of their 66 planes). But guess what, sports fans?

Image hosting by PhotobucketOne of RMAF's Boeing F/A-18D Hornet

Yes, RMAF's got quite a few Boeings in their fleet, too. Walski thinks they should just mothball 'em in support of the boycott. Better yet, fly 'em across the sea and ditch them. Hard. After the pilots bail out, of course.

While there are loads of other companies, come to think of it, Walski simply doesn't quite feel like writing about all of them... and trust him on this one - there are a lot more than you can imagine.

Image taken from Malaysiakini, hosting by PhotobucketScrew the environment, we've got a boycott on our hands
(via )

Other Food Products
But there's one thing that perplexes Walski, though. If Coca-Cola is to be boycotted, what about Pepsi? Starbucks, but not Coffee Bean? McDonalds and not Burger King, Wendy's, KFC or A&W? Umm... they're all American, too, you know? Let's not be hypocritical about the boycott, now, shall we?

And if you like pizzas, you also know that Pizza Hut, Shakey's and Domino's are off limits as well, right? Walski reckons the smaller boutique pizzas are safe... but better check who makes their ovens...

There are actually more American food brands than Walski can shake his joystick at... But, as usual Dr. M's right... not eating won't kill you. Not immediately, anyway.

Whether it's Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, or even the cheapo Low Yat Plaza variety of DIY computers, they almost ubiquitously contain either Intel or AMD microprocessors. Not to mention support chips from Texas Instruments. All of these companies, incidentally, are... yup, you guessed it - American. Boycott them all. Stop using your PC (after you finish reading this post, that is). Oh, you're a Mac user, you say? Well, guess what?

Ditch all 'em computers and go back to the good old abacus days, people... Oh, hang on... the abacus is a pendatang device... Damn. Oh well... Who needs to count up to anything more than twenty anyway, right?

And since Computers must be boycotted, Walski reckons that's that for the Internet, too. A chunk of which probably runs on Microsoft products of some kind. Maybe it's time we went back to the good 'ol days of smoke signals, carrier pigeons and human messengers. Snail mail's probably not free from being tainted by American products somewhere along the supply chain.

~ ~ ~ o O o ~ ~ ~

Walski could continue until Blogger runs out of disk space... but since Blogger is owned by Google, which is an American corporation, Walski reckons that he should probably stop here. If you don't see a new post on myAsylum for a while, you now know why - well, the boycott and all. Wouldn't want to be seen to be hypocritical or anything. Incidentally, Wordpress users - quit now - 'cause it ain't kosher either.

Which reminds Walski - Dr. M has a blog, as we all know. Any American products you using to run your blog, doc?

Walski's poll tie-in announcement footnote: Nothing works better to gauge how effective an initiative is than an opinion poll. And it's perhaps time to launch a new one. The poll can be found in the usual place, on the sidebar. So, after reading this post, do you think you'll still boycott ALL American products? Or do you choose to be hypocritical, and boycott selectively at your convenience?