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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

TDM undergoes 2nd Coronary Bypass...

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Updated @ 2018 hrs: Malaysiakini has reported that Tun Dr Mahathir is in stable condition after his second bypass surgery, which lasted around 5 hours. Walski must say that he is relieved and thankful. The next 48 hours are the most critical for post-bypass patients, and Walski wishes the Tun a speedy recovery.

Original Post:
A quick post to break the self-imposed long-weekend blogging break.

Image nicked from Marina's blog, hosting by PhotobucketWalski simply wants to convey his well-wishes to Tun Mahathir: a successful operation, and a speedy recovery after, God-willing. Tun's having a coronary bypass done today, his second after the first one in 1989.

Walski's own dad had a bypass done at IJN some years back, and can understand the stress and worry that the Tun's family must be experiencing at this very moment. Walski, on behalf of the gnomes and goblins that run myAsylum, send our thoughts and prayers to Tun and his family.

According to Malaysiakini, the procedure began around 0930 this morning, and is expected to take anywhere from four to six hours. Assisting the IJN team (of very competent surgeons, Walski might add) is Dr Hartzell Schaff, head cardiac surgeon from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Although at 82, Tun is perhaps the oldest patient to undergo a bypass re-do in Malaysia, Dr. Schaff has done numerous procedures.

Well, the Tun is someone that Walski has long respected. Granted, Walski not necessarily agrees with some of the things he did as PM. More of a case of respect where it's due and all that. And the old man definitely has some gusto left in him yet, and probably lots more to do, as far as he's concerned. God-willing, of course.

Waski is certain that Marina will post updates, when she can, on RantingsbyMM. So check back there sometime later today. She has also mentioned for well-wishers to not go to IJN for the time being, as the family needs its rest and privacy at this particular juncture.

Having gone thru something similar with his own Dad, Walski can fully understand the request, and hopes that any well-intentioned folks will respect their wishes. Trust Walski on this one - the last thing the family needs right now is to deal with large crowds...