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Friday, September 07, 2007

Offbeat Travelogue: Disappearing white lines...

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... and other odd post-Merdeka thoughts

If you live and/or work around KL, you'd have known it rained rather heavily this past Monday evening. Ever noticed how the lane markers, i.e. those white lines drawn on the roads, suddenly disappear every time it starts to rain? And it doesn't matter whether it's day or night time.

Strange. Never noticed that in Louisiana before, where it can rain just as heavily, and Walski used to live many years ago.

Not that it matters, actually. Moron fucktards that masquerade as Malaysian drivers (the majority of 'em) don't have a fucking clue what the lines are for most of the time anyway. And when it rains, the double-whammy of these fucktard drivers over-compensating, as if they've never seen rain in their lives, sets in.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWe don't need no fucking lanes - we're Malaysian drivers!

Walski has been seriously thinking of starting a rogue's gallery of idiotic behavior on the road. Maybe soon. Put that down as one of the many projects that Walski would like to embark on, if he had more time.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini yesterday reported Universiti Malaya's search for UM's "Political Idol". And one name immediately jumped off the list when Walski saw the choices.
(more observations, and then some, in the full post)

Image from Malaysiakini, hosting by PhotobucketYup - it's confirmed. Fatwaman is a politician! Or at least in the eyes of UM's hostel management he's one. Which does explain a few things actually...

Funny enough, the Malaysiakini article mentioned that some of the respondents they contacted didn't even know who the guy is. Is this a sign that our young local U-going adults are pretty bad when it comes to general knowledge?

Which is not surprising, since many adult Malaysians (of various age groups) don't seem to bother to want to know much beyond their own spheres of life and work.

Mention Luciano Pavarotti, for instance, and it wouldn't surprise Walski one bit if someone were to ask him if he wanted that plain, toasted, or with some butter and jam. Incidentally, Walski meant to write an obit on Pavarotti's passing... perhaps later this evening, if time permits.

Don't ask why Walski notices the oddest of things around him. But he does. And walking down any KL suburbian commercial area, it never ceases to amaze him the strangest names people pick for their business establishments.

Take, for instance:

Image hosting by PhotobucketFor the fashion-conscious soft body invertabrate in you...

or this one (granted, it's probably someone's name):

Image hosting by PhotobucketOver-eat here often enough, and so bee you...

And finally, for guaranteed instant failure...

Image hosting by PhotobucketYes, it has...

... which, by some strange comic cosmic retributive twist, actually closed down. Permenantly, it seems. Come to think of it, Walski's never seen it open. Ever.

Reality, as they say, is definitely stranger than fiction...