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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hiatus Interruptus

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Walski interrupts myAsylum's short hiatus for this important announcement.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) has mooted a People's Petition, to be submitted to the Yang Di Pertuan Agung, to raise a whole host of issues that are plauging the nation.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnnouncing RPK's People's Petition...
(click on image to open in new window)

Walski is in full support of this petition, and urges every single one of you reading this to sign it. How? Go to the Malaysia Today post that had announced the petition this past Wednesday. And yes, Walski's signed it... the post tells you what you need to do. Real easy... just hop on over to the MT and follow the instructions posted there (and a list of some of the why's).

The nation's in pretty bad shape - the feel good budget announced last Friday hasn't really made a significant feel-good impact. In fact, the stock market has seen a steady slide since the 2008 budget was announced. And then there was Batu Burok.

And if the Agong doesn't do anything about it... and it's also up to you to put your signature where your mouth is, especially if you think that Malaysia's up shit creek, with no paddle, and a leaky canoe.

Eh? Still here? Go to that post. Now. Pronto!

Walski's hiatus footnote: Oh, about the hiatus... yeah, Walski decided to lay off the posts for a few days. No pressing or life-threatening reason for it, worry not. It's just that Walski's suffering from a little spell of writter's block. Hopefully the creative juices will start to flow again in a few day's time...