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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In thru the back door...

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Last Thursday, Walski hinted at certain quarters wanting to dismantle the way civil laws are administered, moving away from Common Law methodology, towards Shariah techniques. Without saying it in so many words. Well, guess what appeared in The Star last Friday?

Image hosting by PhotobucketIslamization thru the back door... (via The Star)

In through the back door, boys and girls. Without referendum, without debate, whether we like it or not. So does the statement made by the Minister in the PM's Department (highlighted above) imply that the Civil Laws we have does not give importance to justice?

And going by that, it must also mean that incarceration of people simply because they no longer believe in a particular faith is also justice. On which planet is another question, of course.

Or is this simply another smokescreen to divert attention from the real problems within the judiciary? Also last week, Rocky introduced to us a blog that has taken pains to document the actual rot that is festering in the Judiciary - it's called Malaysia's Judiciary, created by Ganesh Sahathevan, formerly a journalist with The Sun.

But what if it is not a smokescreen? What if it is indeed pushing Islamization of our Civil Laws in thru the back door?
(more backdoor analysis, in the full post)

So what if the Common Law system was inherited from our colonial masters? Take a gander down south, to Singapore. They practice pretty much the same system as we do. Are they so uppity about getting rid of systems that work like we are, simply because these systems were put in place by the British? Are we actually aspiring to be Pakistan?

And the last time Walski checked, our Singaporean friends are doing pretty okay, as far as the rule of law goes. Okay, they do get over-the-top when it comes to supressing the opposition, but other than that...

This is the exact epitome of what Syed Akbar Ali asked in his book, "Malaysia and the Club of Doom" - why the fuck do we need to reinvent the wheel? Is an Islamic wheel any more round than a normal wheel? Or is there another more Islamic-friendly wheel shape Walski doesn't know about?

Walski has the feeling somebody is going to go ballistic over this latest encroachment... that's what that somebody told Walski over the weekend. Won't say who for now... but you'll find out when it happens. And Walski will let you know then.

Meanwhile, that back door gets busier and busier by the day... entry point of more and more encroachment, that will ulitmately fuck this nation up to a point beyond redemption.