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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How amoebas prioritize

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Now consider this statement from de facto Law Minister without specific portfolio (via The Sun, from last week sometime).

Nazri also said action should be taken against YouTube and bloggers for posting images and contents that overstepped the boundaries on sensitive issues.

Asked how this was possible since YouTube and some blogs were based overseas, he said: “If YouTube is operating in this country, or if there are contents posted from this country, then we can do so through the means of government licensing. If they are operating from another country, then we have to find ways…”

He said the A-G and police should investigate these sites, and if there are no provisions in the current laws to take action against them, then new laws will be enacted. Nazri said bloggers should be responsible for the postings on their sites.

(source: The Sun)

Welcome, Nazri, to the flat and borderless world of cyberspace. So, what are we talking about here - filing suit against YouTube? Or Blogger? In other words, suing Google, which owns both entities. Anyone who understands how the Internet works - and Walski's not even talking about on a technical level - will understand why we're rolling on the floor laughing in his face.

Speaking of current laws, there really should be a minimum IQ and EQ requirement for those who want to enter politics. And in this day and age, understanding basic IT and how the Internet works (on a general level) is no longer a plus - it is a requirement.

Of course, the usual suspects, like the ex-Selangor MB with 2 Mohammads in his name, as have many others in dUMNO, continue to seek a pound of flesh from Namawee. Joining the fray a couple of days ago was Kerishamuddin:

“The issue is not the apology. We are all educated under the rule of law. What is an offence is still an offence,” he told reporters after opening a programme organised by the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) here today.
(source: NaSTy)

Of course, everyone has noticed that the Namawee video case has provided a convenient diversion from an even more pressing issue - the PKFZ fiasco. Perhaps it's got something to do with how amoebas prioritize...
(how amoebas prioritize, and more, in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketAmoebas priorities are on the trivial and easy to target...

What weighs heavier on real public interest, and more importantly public money, of course gets as little attention as possible with these amoebas... Why? Because it reflects pretty badly on how the Government has been performing, particularly in the area of real public interest.

Not the made-up ones like the Namawee issue... which most people would rather want to put behind them... But Noooo... not amoebas... they'll keep it alive for as long as they can....

Just think of this post as Walski's little bit of effort for germ warfare where it counts...