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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

dUMNOsaur Jr

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Image hosting by PhotobucketFor the uninitiated, Dinosaur Jr is an alternative music band, hailing out of Amherst, Massachusetts. Very popular in the college music circuit in the mid-80's, their sound is characterized by being loud, guitar-driven with lots of feedback - and played an influential role in the early 90's grunge explosion, fueled by the success of contemporary band Nirvana, and to some degree, Soundgarden.

Their career has been turbulent, culminating with a break up in 1997. However, to celebrate the re-release of the band's first 3 albums. The band has since reunited in 2005, and continues to do gigs until the present. Tragedy, of sorts, struck - the band's equipment was stolen outside their hotel in New York on August 29, 2006. Legendary cult status doesn't exempt a band from such needless tragedies, it would seem.

Dinosaur Jr continues to play and tour in their original configuration, consisting of J Mascis (guitar & vocals), Lou Barlow (bass) and Emmet Patrick Murphy - or Murph (drums). Earlier this year, the band released their 8th studio album, Beyond, the first in almost a decade featuring the original (and still the most potent) line up. (Source: Wikipedia)

In contrast, dUMNOsaur Jr is simply loud and turbulent. Not necessarily internally, like their almost-namesake in the music world, but loud and turbulent in terms of making waves and headlines. dUMNOsaur Jr sometimes forgets, it seems, that party interests do not equate to national interests, and that criticisms against dUMNO do not count as being un-patriotic.

But lately, it must be pointed out that frontman Kerishamuddin has been kinda quiet, leaving his deputy, Monkey Boy, to do all the belligerent spewing... and boy, can that simian spew!

They're quite perplexing in other ways, too - like claiming dUMNO isn't racist. Well, isn't our entire political party system, in particular the ones that BN is comprised of, for the most part built along racial lines? While not necessarily having negative connotations, isn't that racist by definition?

In preparation for the upcoming, but yet to be announced, General Elections, dUMNO Jr have declared their aim for Zero Opposition (Pembangkang Sifar). Okay... wouldn't that take Malaysia one step closer to a constitutional parliamentary dictatorship? As it is, with the two-thirds majority, and BN's long-standing policy of voting along party lines (or else), things get bulldozed thru parliament.

Zero Opposition would mean a virtual cake walk - whatever dUMNO (Sr and Jr) wants, dUMNO gets. No debate.
(more dUMNOsaur Jr tales, in the full post)

With the rhetoric from dUMNOsaur Jr, of late, calling for control of opinions and viewpoints via blogs and other websites - to the extent of using the ISA - it's clear that in contrast to Dinosaur Jr, dUMNOsaur Jr doesn't appreciate feedback. Definitely not the non-feelgood kind, for sure.

It's okay for them to hurl all kinds of ephitets, and spreading their own propaganda and lies, for example via Sure, they will perpetuate that myth that RPK was seditious and insulted Islam - you know what they say about myths... repeat it enough times and it becomes the "truth". And it's okay to be insulting to other religions... as long as its not Islam, right?

Oh, and their fondness of using warlike and violent metaphors - gerak gempur (assault), senjata berjuang (weapons for the struggle), peperangan di alam siber (war in the cyber world)... just check out this news release alone (in Bahasa Malaysia). As far as Walski is concerned, the fondness of using violent metaphors like these are a reflection of what lies beneath - a violent, albeit dormant, character.

But dUMNOsaur Jr (and Sr) should take heed of the recent very high level statements made by HRH Raja Nazrin, former IGP Tun Haniff Omar, and the latest from HRH the Sultan of Selangor. (Check out Marina M's take on this). To Walski, what they are saying, in not so many words, is that the rot that we bloggers have been talkiing about is indeed there. And the rot needs to be eradicated if Malaysia ever hopes to see another 50 years of growth, prosperity, or even nationhood.

But Noooo... as far as dUMNOsaur Jr is concerned, everything's hunky dory... even to the point of raising a known hoodlum of a politician onto a pedestal - despite what was said by Raja Nazrin that people with a dubious past should not hold positions of importance. Even if the said politician has made a total fool of himself (probably without even realizing it) by making a police report against prominent blogger RPK. And his defence? Oh.. those are old stories... But those old stories tell a thousand epics about your character, now doesn't it?

Well, all Walski can say is that dUMNOsaur Jr can continue with their delusions of grandeur... the more they balk and bark, the more they paint themselves as the silly carricatures they really are...

Three days ago, dUNNOsaur Jr issued a warning against bloggers, as reported in Malaysiakini - that they are watching us. Well, guess what? We're watching dUMNOsaur Jr, too. Every breath they take, every step they make...

It's kinda ironic that this song comes from The Police, come to think of it...