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Monday, July 30, 2007

Wising up to Goblok Ministers

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goblok - a popular Indonesian word which, quite simply, means stupid.

Image hosting by PhotobucketA fresh new round of attacks on the blogging community seems to be surfacing, and as reported by Malaysiakini yesterday, this particular verbal assault by Information Minister Zainuddin "Call Me Joe" Maidin is worthy of note. If for no other reason, because it highlights just how out of touch some of our politicians are with the reality of the now. And in the process, shows just how Goblok they really are.

It really makes Walski wonder really, how long do these folk think they can go on spouting idiotic, paranoid nonsense before the public wises up. Cabinet Ministers and other politicians are well-known for making stupid statements in the press, expecting everyone to suck in every word as if it were divine wisdom.

And the paranoia of UMNO personalities over the influence and popularity of blogs and online alternative news sites has never reached the crescendo that we're seeing in the past few weeks. Not as far as Walski can remember.

But this really has to take the fucking cake.

Image hosting by PhotobucketZAM milking the politico's blog paranoia
(click image or here to read full news report)

Walski doesn't normally do this, but let's dissect the news report, shall we? This is an especially important exception that Walski will make. What ZAM had to say is so stupid, that it deserves comment. And not nice ones, either. The news report, in its entirety, can be found here, via Bernama. (Any emphasis in the article is by myAsylum, plus Walski's thoughts and comments are in this color)

The people must wise up to "goblok" (political bloggers) because some of them were willing to become tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

Is it just Walski, or does ZAM really sound paranoid? In a very stupid way. Goblok-ish, almost.

He said these bloggers belonged to groups with limited knowledge and had evil intentions.

As opposed to, what? Politicians who have so much knowledge and wisdom, that they cannot differentiate between postings and comments on a blog? And evil intention, sir?

"They support foreign elements bent on destroying our beloved country," he told reporters after launching the 2007 Jalur Gemilang (National Flag) Convoy in front of the Merdeka (Independence) Declaration Memorial in Bandar Hilir here today.

Yes, of course - fling around baseless accusations again. Foreign elements? Get real, dude. What kind of morons do you think the citizens of Malaysia are? Oh wait... of course - the kind that keep on voting you lot in time after time...
(continuing the dissection, and more, in the full post)

Zainuddin said they (bloggers) were not Asian in thinking but were trying to ape the West because that was where they got the education and thought anything western was the best for everyone.

Blame the West - the favorite mantra of the intellectually bankrupt Asian politician. IF by "Asian thinking" you mean supporting any, and every, BN action, tolerating corrupt practices, and obeying authority without question, even if such authority will one day result in Malaysia going down the drain of human history, then you've got a point. Who needs transparency, integrity and honesty, right? So what exactly do you mean by being Asian, ZAM? And within the context of which fucking century?

"Since the beginning (independence) until now, we have had such dangerous people who have no qualms about becoming the tools of foreign nations to damage our country, including the economy and national unity," he said.

The biggest threat to national unity are the idiotic politicians brandishing weapons and spouting racist threats, even if everyone knows that they are nothing but cheap theatrics meant to wow their equally idiotic supporters. And Walski doesn't need to remind you from which political party the said politicians come from, does he?

He said they also tried to influence the mainstream media to publish their writings, which border on rumours and slander so that they can split the people.

For the first time in history, the Government does not have 100% control on information flow, and this scares the bejesus out of these dinosaurs. And Zam's response just goes to show how anachronistic and out of touch with reality he really is. Read The World is Flat at some juncture, ZAM. You may just learn a thing or three. You'll learn why all this petty shows of power are gonna make Malaysia be the big loser in the end. Already, even the once-backwards Vietnam is poised to overtake Malaysia in due time. At the very least, you won't sound like the paranoid buffoon you paint yourself to be.

The people should ignore such blogs because their writers were only trying to seek glory, he said, adding that, however, the government did not discourage people from having personal blogs which touch on knowledge, relationships, the family institution and friendship.

Yes, we must all listen and believe to ONLY Government propaganda, and to the glorious politicians who work oh so hard to make themselves even more glorious. Get a grip, ZAM. Just get a fucking grip.

Now, here's a great specimen of a Malaysian political dinosaur. Free speech is okay as long as it doesn't endanger UMNO/BN's hegemony on political power. It's just sad that patriotism these days is mistakenly defined as love for the ruling party, and that criticizing the ruling party is synonymous to being un-patriotic. To some quarters anyways... the dinosaur pack, in particular.

Well, the opportunity to make our voices heard should be coming around the bend soon. Or so says the rumor mill... and maybe when the time comes, perhaps we can ensure that Goblok ministers won't feature so prominently anymore... The last thing that Malaysia needs to move to the next level is idiots like these in government.

Or is that just wishful thinking on Walski's part?