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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shi'ites 2 - Hadhari 0

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Image taken from AFC Asia Cup website, hosting by PhotobucketIt looks like the Shi'ites are better than Hadhari'ites. When it comes to football, at least.

And so, with this fantastic scoreline - err, Walski knows that many were expecting a worse defeat - this one nightmare of a tournament is over for Malaysia, and it is now confirmed that we're the worst footballing nation in Asia. And perhaps, too, the Persians were being kind last night. The Shi'ites could've won by a bigger margin.

The good news is that the worst nightmarish performace Malaysia's put up in recent footballing history can be put behind them.

The bad news? That this is about all the good news there is.

Being that we've been brought up on a fast food way of doing things, and knowing that certain people want results overnight, Walski can only be cynical about what His Highness the FAM President said about wanting to overhaul FAM (via The Star). Okay... no offense, but he's been the President of FAM for how long now?

And why overhaul the engine, when it's the rest of the car that's falling apart?
(more sucky football, in the full post)

Well at least HRH the Deputy President did the honorable thing and resigned. Now, Walski can expect one of two things to happen. Either,

A - the whole FAM gets the proverbial boot, and the entire structure restocked with non-politicians, and those that are competent football administrators, or
B - tai chi becomes the favorite FAM elite's past time.

Which would you put your money on? Walski's almost afraid ask actually. Because over the years, we've heard talk about doing this that and the other to improve Malaysian football. And the result? Well, you know, Walski knows...

You see, to Walski, it's not that we don't have raw talent to work with. Walski's sure there are loads of young, and not so young, talent when it comes to football. The problem, as he sees it, is that there are way too many unqualified people in posts they have no right to be in. The first thing to do, get rid of all the politicians.

The presence of political personalities helming and driving sports organizations in Malaysia, usually into the ground, is legendary. With the exception of squash, and maybe badminton, to a certain extent, Malaysian sports is totally the pits. Oh wait - there's also lawn bowling - but then again everyone knows that it's not a real sport to begin with.

Truth be told, Walski won't make any further suggestions, and chooses to wait 'n see what genius schemes get thought up this time around. Maybe they should try magic. Or get the makers of Kismis Jampi to conjure up some mystical, spiritual peanuts (or something) to feed our footballers with.

Walski's credit footnote: The title was inspired by the writings in Semusim Di Neraka, perhaps one of the better Bahasa Malaysia blogs out in the bloggerhood. Credit goes to the genius spending a season in Hell... in particular the reference came from here.