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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Insidious Foreign Elements

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Walski's note of severe thanks and inspirational acknowledgement: Mega, uber-major hat-tip to Aisehman, for alerting Walski to this latest outbreak of freakiness (and you really gotta read his post for context).

First of all, Walski almost got fired from work today. But more about that later, 'cause Walski has to tell you something else first so that the almost getting fired part makes sense.

Remember how Walski said that when it comes to the recent rash of politico blog-attacks, ZAM's idiocy took the cake? Well, Walski stands corrected. This one's a lot more incredible...

This comes via Berita Harian, and for the sake of expediency, Walski will use Aisehman's translation, except for the additional paragraph that wasn't included in Aisehman's post. The original article (in PDF, since BH only keeps their articles for about a week or so) can be downloaded from here.

Pengendali blog ditaja organisasi luar
Blog operators sponsored by foreign organizations

Image taken from the BH article, hosting by Photobucket
PETALING JAYA: Pengendali dan penulis blog dibiaya organisasi luar negara hingga mencecah RM100,000 sebulan, kata Ketua Penerangan Umno, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib.

Beliau berkata, organisasi berkenaan menaja mereka dan membenarkan laman mereka menyiarkan pelbagai perkara sensitif oleh penulis blog tempatan dan luar negara.

“Kita tidak boleh memandang rendah kerana mereka ini golongan profesional dan kerajaan perlu kaedah khas untuk menangani masalah kemunculan laman blog yang menular seperti wabak penyakit,” katanya.

English Translation (courtesy of Aisehman):

PETALING JAYA: Bloggers are being funded by a foreign organisation for as much as RM100,000 a month, said Umno information chief Mat Taib.

He said the organisation sponsored these bloggers and allowed their websites to broadcast all manner of sensitive issues written by local and foreign bloggers.

“We cannot take this lightly as these bloggers comprise professionals, and the government needs a special mechanism to address the emergence of blogs, which are spreading like an epidemic,” he said.

Now, apart from the epidemic of cluelessness that seems to have spread like wildfire within the UMNO ranks - first Nazri, the Senate, KJ, ZAM and now Muhammad Muhd Taib - what's interesting is the implication of who these insidious foreign agencies could be. With funding, to boot.
(the stupidity epidemic, and more, in the full post)

Yes folks, Walski admits it - guilty as charged - Walski is a lecherous agent of Google, which, together with other equally evil organizations such as Wordpress and Moveable Type, are the clandestine foreign elements, hell-bent on destroying Malaysia. Why? Apparently, because in their minds, Malaysia gravitates around UMNO, the center of the universe, and these foreign elements have nothing better to do.

Oh, and the funding mentioned probably comes from AdSense - although Walski would agree with Aisehman that the RM 100K per month figure was probably pulled out of thin air. Or someone's butt. Makes no difference because frankly, Walski's still waiting for his first AdSense paycheck, and that figure is way higher than what any Malaysian blog makes monthly - by several factors of 10.

It would appear that with every assault on the bloggerhood, the claims made by the UMNO big-wigs get more and more wigged out. Seriously, carry on with your attack people. We need more entertainment.

There is one other part of the article that didn't get featured in Aisehman's post.

Muhammad yang juga Ketua Umno Bahagian Kelana Jaya, bimbang penulisan perkara sensitif di laman blog boleh mempengaruhi pemikiran generasi muda termasuk pelajar Malaysia di luar negara.

Muhammad, who is also Kelana Jaya UMNO Division Head, worries that writings pertaining to sensitive matters in blogs can influence the thinking of the younger generation, including Malaysian students overseas.

Now how much more condescendingly young-unfriendly can one get? And they wonder why UMNO is losing relevance with the younger generation? Well, Walski, for one, certainly hopes that the younger generation does get influenced, lest they one day become as out of touch with reality as Muhammad Muhd Taib. And don't let Walski even start about whom we should really be worrying about... he's said it more than one time before, and doesn't particularly wish to repeat it.

Oh, and don't even let Walski get started on the picture that accompanied the Berita Harian article... although answering the press, surrounded by a bevy of not-too-bad looking chicks does add a certain lecherousness machismo... Mat Tyson lah konon, kan?

And there you have it, folks - how on Earth could someone so ill-informed be UMNO Information Chief? Talk about grabbing at straws here... Or maybe it's yet another UMNO game of one upsmanship... Yeah, that's gotta be it.

It MUST be a competition to see who can come up with the most outlandishly idiotic blog-blamestorming... simian-like, un-Asian thinking, and now secret covert agents of Google... It's the only explanation that makes Adsense. Now Walski's really looking forward to see what's next.

Perhaps, a Jewish conspiracy, assisted by the US-discovered super-secret extra-terrestial technology of mind-control, perhaps...

The bigger joke, perhaps, is the fact that Berita Harian actually ran this story. It must be because they, on command from their paymasters, think that the Malay readership will suck this up like they're expected to. Like a very low IQ slave doing the bidding of a sightless master... the blind leading the stupid, so to speak.

Oh, before Walski forgets... about the almost getting fired from work bit... yeah, Walski was laughing so damn hard when he read the Aisehman post and Berita Harian report, that he literally was ROTFL his AO... and the boss, needless to say, wasn't too pleased...