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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Elephant Talk

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All this bickering and banter about Islamic State vs. Secular, the politicking going on in and out of the bloggerhood, the general chit-chat politica that's going on, plus labelling of bloggers, by some Senator, as cyber criminals (hat-tip: 4896)... Walski came to another realization, after the one last night.

It can all be summed up in two words:

Elephant Talk

(Elephant Talk lyrics for your sing-along pleasure, and more, in the full post)

Elephant Talk (by King Crimson)

Talk, it's only talk
Arguments, agreements, advice, answers,
Articulate announcements
It's only talk

Talk, it's only talk
Babble, burble, banter, bicker bicker bicker
Brouhaha, boulderdash, ballyhoo
It's only talk
Back talk

Talk talk talk, it's only talk
Comments, cliches, commentary, controversy
Chatter, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat,
Conversation, contradiction, criticism
It's only talk
Cheap talk

Talk, talk, it's only talk
Debates, discussions
These are words with a D this time
Dialogue, dualogue, diatribe,
Dissention, declamation
Double talk, double talk

Talk, talk, it's all talk
Too much talk
Small talk
Talk that trash
Expressions, editorials, expugnations, exclamations, enfadulations
It's all talk
Elephant talk, elephant talk, elephant talk

(lyrics taken from

Elephant Talk is one of the better known tracks from the 1981 King Crimson album Discipline. King Crimson is a progressive rock outfit that had gone thru many transformations throughout its long history, since 1969. The one constant remaining since its formation is guitarist extrodinaire, Robert Fripp. The King Crimson line-up seen in the video is the "double trio" formation, consisting of the 1980's line up of Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Bill Bruford, with the addition of drummer Pat Mastelotto and second Chapman Stick player Trey Gunn. The current line-up consists of Fripp, Belew, Levin and Mastelotto.

Incidentally, The Adrian Belew Power Trio is playing at the Blue Note in Tokyo, Japan. And word has it is that they need some emergency equipment badly for the show (see the July 16, 2007 entry). Any help available?