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Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Candle for Nat...

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Major update @ 2119 hrs - but too late to make a difference: Just saw from Polytikus' blog that the vigil had to be called OFF (posted at 1911 hrs, but Walski only just saw it) - let's just say the cops weren't too pleased. Important thing now is for Nat's release, so let's not give 'em any excuse to release him as expected - tomorrow. Walski and the rest of the bloggerhood will definitely be waiting for this. Let's hope and pray nothing else happens to delay Nat's release, God willing.

Minor update @ 1714 hrs: Vigil starts at 8:30pm, and not 8pm. Walski's mistake... sorry about that. The graphic has been updated with the correct time.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJust got word (hat-tip to SK Thew) that another candlelight vigil will be held tonight. 8:30pm, at the same place, as the one last night.

In addition, Walski's created this simple button that you are free to use on your blog or website to pass the good word around. It's the least he can do, just in case he can't make it there tonight...

Howsy has posted directions on how to get there (and it's nowhere near the actual Dang Wangi area, it's near Stadium Merdeka).

Go show your support, and drag your friends and loved ones along... oh, and don't forget: candles, candle-holders, banners, songs, and most of all your spirit of love and humanity... bring 'em all!