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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Poll Position: Perception is 99% of reality

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Some weeks back, Walski posted a poll to ask if you thought the Malaysian Federal Constitution was still the supreme law of the land. The result, although worrying, doesn't come as a surprise to Walski one single bit.

Image hosting by PhotobucketOur reality is based on what we perceive

You see, apart from being a straw poll to ask the obvious, it was also an implicit test - of reality vs. perception. And the results show that we base our reality on what we perceive. Walski doesn't really know if those who voted did so in view of what they believe the situation to be, or on the basis of how they felt it should be. And really, it doesn't matter.

It's the perception that's the real story, and is what Walski was really getting at with the poll.

The reality, legally speaking, is that the Malaysian Federal Constitution is still the supreme law of the land - this land we call Malaysia. Yes, it is increasingly being trampled upon, no doubt. And the apparent lack of will we see in the Judicial fraternity to uphold it as the supreme law of the land doesn't help one bit. But the reality of it is that the Federal Constitution still reigns over any other law in the country. Like it or not.
(a vigil, and maintaining Constitutional supremacy, in the full post)

Image taken from, hosting by PhotobucketTonight, at 8pm, at the foot of the giant flagpole on Dataran Merdeka, a candlelight vigil will be held (hat-tip: The People's Parliament, and Malaysiakini, among others). There are a few reasons why you should be there, apart from giving Revanthi your moral support and prayers.

It is also to show your support and commitment in affirming the supremacy of the Malaysian Federal Constitution, particularly the parts of it that protects fundemental liberties. Like the Freedom of Belief.

The vigil is jointly organized by a whole host of civil society organizations and various women's rights groups, including All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Sisters in Islam (SIS), Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Women’s Centre for Change, Penang (WCC) and Women’s Development Collective (WDC).