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Saturday, June 30, 2007

500: This is Splattar!

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It's true what they say - time flies when you're caught in an endless loop having fun. And before Walski's realized it, this is post number 500. And ironically enough, it's about Walski's favorite Mutant Mullah, and his latest faux pas.

In one of his posts today, MENJ, via HypoCritical Thoughts, decided to deride Zainah Anwar, Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (SIS), and in the process, proves to the world just how dense he can be.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIt takes a lot of effort to NOT know the difference between The Star and the NST

You know, it really would take someone a whole lot of effort to actually mistake The Star for the New Straits Times, but MENJ has apparently achieved this arduous task. With ease, and his usual impunity. This, by the way, is a screenshot of the article MENJ refers to.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe New Straits Times, formerly known as the Straits Times, but never as The Star
(except that some people can't seem to tell the difference)

What really perplexes Walski is that he's "taken the liberty to upload her article". From where? Now, that's the real question. And it is a question only MENJ can answer.
(more Splattar-ing, in the full post)

Unless, of course, somebody sent him the article, told him that it was from The Star, and MENJ being MENJ, didn't bother to verify its source - not necessary, usually, when he lambasts people he dislikes. And so lock, stock and barrel... which means that "the most liberal in the NST editorial circles" CAN "stomach the writings of that liberal bitch".

By inference, since he claims that the Islam Zainah Anwar speaks of is not the "true Islam", it means MENJ would then be the poster boy for "true" Islam. Which would also mean that MENJ's Islam encourages its adherents to call females they dislike bitches, or in Walski's case, an illegitimate son of a whore (in not so many words) - as if he was there when Walski was born.

All Walski can say is that it takes one to know one, MENJ.

Of course, delusional presumptiousness is one of MENJ's hallmark traits - present something whose truth he cannot confirm, yet claims it to be true, and believe it with all his heart. Like claiming Zainah Anwar has never read any of Karen Armstrong's books. As if he knew. So, is this, too, the trait of a "true" Muslim?

Oh, and not verifying your sources and make yourself look like an utter twit in the process.

Of course, when confronted he displays a level of arrogance that is in its own class. But then again, arrogance and self-righteousness is probably also one of those traits recommended in MENJ's "true" Islam. (Also the tendency to change, and sometimes delete, his posts, in retrospect)

Like the kind of arrogant self-righteousness exhibited by the Jakim officials who raided the restaurants Walski mentioned about in a previous post. If you read Zainah's article, the restaurants were located in the Bangsar area. This incident was also reported in Malaysiakini yesterday. Okay, it was probably about not using the Jakim approved Halal sign, more than anything else (that's just what Walski thinks), but the heavy-handed way it was done gives a whole new meaning to the word tolerance that's allegedly practiced in Malaysia. Mutant Mullah style tolerance, more like.

The "we only tolerate people who think like us, and agree to think like us, and the rest of you lot can go fuck off and die" kind of tolerance.

Niiice... as a certain Khazak dude would say.

So apparently, in addition to the numerous attempts at trying to have a morality police squad (which we know MENJ supports), we also now have religious food police. Nevermind if the eatery is unhygenic, or if the staff are aware of the basic hygiene requirements - like washing your hands after handling trash or going to the bathroom. Nooo... all that is unnecessary as long as the eatery staff are Muslims, and the premise carries the Jakim Halal logo.

After all, no such thing as transmission of disease, right? Isn't that what the Prophet said, supposedly?

Oh, well... in truth, Walski even wonders why he bothers with trying to counter whatever bullshit MENJ occassionally comes up with. It's not like he'll ever come to his senses, and realize that all his beligerance and arrogant stupidity does is to chip away at whatever little credibility he has.

Which, after today, is probably a lot less than when he decided to go on a hate-driven slur-fest, without thinking (and checking) first...

And if that is supposed to be model Muslim behavior... well, may God save us all...