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Thursday, May 03, 2007

While you were away...

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First real day back at work, after almost two weeks on the road, both on the job and off. And it appears the wildlife has taken over his desk, in Walski's absence.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThey came, they saw, they stayed!
(Walski's office desk with the wildlife that took over)

And Walski had to negotiate getting the table back, which took the better part of this morning (heh heh). The snake was easy. It was the head-hunter that took a little more coaxing...

As mentioned previously, Walski has a bunch of stuff to do, blogging-wise, and the list grows ever longer. Here's a snapshot of Walski's to-do list as of 4pm today:
Announce Mamak Conspiracy Contest results
Announce (and discuss) the All Blogs membership poll (in the meantime, SIPM has some important thoughts on this)
Do the Thinking Blogger Award post
Do the Great Sudan Expedition post
Do the Vietnam trip post
Kick-start the MetBlog KL postings
... and anything else important that may come up.

Then, Walski found out today that he has to go on a very long (as in distance) but short (as in time) trip next week. To another continent - Europe, this time. This doesn't help getting the to-do list done one bit. And Walski hasn't even mentioned the work-related to-do yet...

The fast lane hasn't whizzed by this fast in a long, long time...