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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The truth about Press Freedom...

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You wanna talk about the truth?

Image hosting by PhotobucketHowsy's scoop on the Fast Forward omission

The truth is that you fucks can't handle the truth.. read all about it at The Sensintrovert.

Context: Originally, Rocky was invited to appear on TV2's Fast Forward. Then, earlier yesterday morning, he was told that the program had been "postponed".

Do you smell Goebbels at work here? Walski does... and apparently Bunn Nagara also thinks blogs publish "false news"... Yeah, yeah, we know he's got a rice bowl to protect.

The real liars? The TV2 producer who told Rocky that the program had been postponed. And who does TV2 report to? Need Walski say more?

Update @ 0104 hrs: Jeff Ooi has a more detailed report on what the two panelists had to say (hat-tip to Howsy).