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Friday, May 25, 2007

Mad Homey Meme'd

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Nope, don't worry - this post's got little to do with memes, per se. It is, however, related to a meme that Walski responded to. But first, a quick definition:

ad hominem
1. appealing to one's prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason.
2. attacking an opponent's character rather than answering his argument.

Well, it appears that MENJ, not wanting to waste time on yours truly, took the time to write a post, in which, apparently, the master of ad hominem himself claims to have been ad hominem'd by Walski. Then, he calls Walski's mother a whore.

Image hosting by PhotobucketExemplary and model behavior of a "true" Muslim...

Very nice... truly and outstandingly Islamic in character, aren't you? And you, MENJ, really should change the name of your blog to HypoCritical Thoughts. Because when it comes to hypocrisy, you take the fucking cake. And yes, that's a compliment.

Oh well, give someone enough rope...
(Mad Homey indicts own blog, in the full post)

Why should Walski propose another solution over one that has already been proven to be a good deterrent against the spread of HIV/AIDS? Just because the mighty MENJ doesn't like it? And by the way, can you, MENJ, prove that promoting condoms will create a larger problem? Proof, MENJ, proof. Your cheap name-calling rhetoric don't mean squat. And no amount of the use of the plural to give the illusion of authority is gonna change that.

As it is, calling people's mothers "whores" just reinforces what the rest of the world really thinks of you - among other things, a loud-mouthed, insolent, juvenile, holier-than-thou conservative twerp. Without any sense of real creativity, to boot. Or is that the real behavior called for by your brand of Islam?

And no, you don't have to accept the award if you don't want to. No one's forcing it down your throat.

And by the way, I am officially refusing your nomination of this blog for your "award". It is a worthless piece of shit. That's putting it mildly.

Yes, Walski fully agrees that (Hypo)Critical Thoughts is a "worthless piece of shit". Putting it mildly. We are what we excrete, Walski supposes....

What's really interesting - this superflous use of labels (like they mean anything), using straw-man arguments, and the usual verbal diarrhoeatic tools Mr. Delusional uses - does resemble the very tactics used by... wait for it, wait for it.... Right-wing Christian Missionaries.

Whoa... MENJ actually emulates the very people he rants about and hates. Now that's comedy. Uber hilarious.

Oh, and guess what? He's also banned Walski from commenting on his blog. Walski suspects he does that every now and again with persons he dislikes. Censorship, after all, is the favorite recourse of the mentally and morally deficient. And what better way of protecting the freedom of your own speech, than by making sure no one else's is heard, right?

OK, Walski will admit it - he is pseudonymous. However, if you, MENJ, weren't too dense to notice, Walski is not that anonymous. Walski happens to like his pseudonym, and prefers to use it, rather than flaunt his own real name (or initials) all over the damn place. It's Walski's prerogative, and you, my dear MENJ, can go fuck yourself. Literally.

But make sure you use a condom, though. You never know what dreaded diseases (apart from Islamoholism) you might be carrying...