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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Bocor-gate Petition

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By now, just about every Tom, Dick, Harry, Thelma, and Louise - plus their pet iguanas - know about this shameful exhibition of Male Chauvinistic Pig-ism in the Malaysian House of Parliament last week. Walski calls it the Bocor-gate scandal.

Image courtesy of Mob1900, hosting by PhotobucketThe semi-simian culprits behind Bocor-gate
(poster courtesy of Mob1900)

A petition has been started, seeking a referendum to sack the buggers. Walski's not entirely sure who got it going, but good work to whomever it was. Go sign it, if:
(a) You think that you've had enough of idiot MPs, particularly these two, or
(b) You strongly feel that these two dickheads have offended women everywhere, on the week just preceding Mother's Day, no less, or
(c) You have no strong feelings about it, but simply love to sign petitions

Like with any petition, there's no guarantee that these two shameful specimens will ever get the sack, but at least you get to do you part to register your outrage.

And in case you were wondering: Yes, Walski's already signed it.
(the offensive incident, why this petition is important, and more, in the full post)

To recap, this is what actually happened (the long version) at the said parliamentary sitting:
(courtesy of Wengsan's blog, via YouTube - the offending remarks occur around the 4:04 mark)

Off-topic, but isn't this ruckus, pretending to be a parliamentary sitting, somehwat telling of the overall state of affairs plauging our nation today?

Incidentally, all this may seem like a censure, and an infringement on the two MPs right to Free Speech (which they probably don't support anyway). Perhaps.

But this goes beyond the issue of Free Speech - it is conduct unbecoming of elected representatives, sitting in a hallowed house that decides on matters that effect us all as a nation. As responsible citizens, what we are doing here is exercising our right to tell these two (and the masters they ultimately report to) that we've had enough of irresponsible, disrespectful, and incompetent MPs.

After all, these MPs ultimately make important decisions, and pass laws, that affect OUR lives. We elected them (unfortunately), and it is our right to say Enough is Enough - plus, this is not the first time these very two MPs have been guilty of exhibiting behavior and conduct unbecoming.

So unbecoming, that even the honorary Yang Berhormat (Right Honorable) prefix seems no longer justified for these two...

Actually, come to think of it, there is a very easy solution to all this misbehaving - televise the parliamentary sittings live on TV, for every citizen to see.

But until that little impossibility happens, the petition is what we've got. And once you've signed it, pass the word around to your friends and family, and get them to sign it as well.