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Saturday, April 21, 2007

On the road and out of Asia...

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For the next few days, Walski will be on the road, so the posts may be very sporadic. It all depends on whether or not he will get decent Internet connectivity where he's going.

The destination? This place - the largest country in the continent of Africa

Image hosting by PhotobucketSudan - hot, dry and lots of hydrocarbon
(map source: African Energy)

Sudan. But don't worry. Where Walski's going is far away enough from the Darfur area (which is about the size of Texas). Walski's going to Khartoum, capital city of this nation. A nation where our own Petronas has a substantial investment, and where two of Walski's best engineers are currently assigned to for about a couple of months. This is Walski's first trip into Africa, so it should be quite interesting.

And like Texas, Sudan's got hydrocarbons. Shitloads of it.

More about this trip as it progresses. Hopefully, with lots of pictures to show y'all...