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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Missing: Boy aged 5, still not found

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Image hosting by PhotobucketThose of you who frequent the bloggerhood would probably have already heard about this. Muhammad Nazrin (aged 5, pictured on the left), known also as Yin, went missing from the Sogo mall in Kuala Lumpur a week ago (see Malay Mail article).

CCTV footage has revealed that the little boy left the shopping mall, and is probably somewhere around Kuala Lumpur. Or so Walski hopes.

If anyone spots the child, kindly alert the police immediately, after of course making sure the little one's been secured. You can also call the boy's father, Shamsul Ghazali Shamsuddin, at (012) 509-0451.

Walski's prays that the boy is safe, and that he will be found soon. If anyone does spot him - please, do the needful.