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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogger-bash intermission

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Hat-tips to Rocky and Jeff, for alerting Walski to the news. Actually, he'd read it earlier but was too busy screwing around with the faux-Apocalypse post.

Pak Lah broke his elegant silence and totally pwned his big-n-loudspeaker ministers.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHeadline: "No Plan To Compel Bloggers To Register, Says Abdullah"
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Perhaps the Executive (or at least the CEO) isn't as clueless as we thought (emphasis by myAsylum):

Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, said he did not believe requiring bloggers to register would solve the problem of posting baseless information in their websites.

The prime minister said many people were unhappy and had voiced their displeasure over the bloggers posting unverified information in their websites.

"Even if they are ordered to register, some of them may not comply and resort to using other channels through foreign servers," he said.

Which is probably the majority of bloggers in Malaysia, using services such as Blogger, Wordpress, Blogsome, and numerous other non-locally hosted services. Some sensible talk, for a change.

So, do we breathe a sigh of relief? Has all this ministerial blog-bashing been a case of Little (and not so little) Napoleons trying to upstage the boss? Or that our executive branch of government simply don't talk enough to one another...

Hmm... or that everybody talks, and no one listens?

Questions, questions, questions...

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information yesterday defended its role as the provider of "Correct Information", as reported by Bernama. Included in the Bernama report is part of the verbal exchange between ZAM and Seputeh MP, Teresa Kok. Otherwise known as Act 3 Scene 8 of "All Ado about Machap". Read it, if you need a little boost of entertainment in your bloodstream.

Based on this, Walski expects that our Minster of Propaganda Information will still have a few more things to say about blogging and bloggers.