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Friday, March 23, 2007

Justice, or "Just Us"?

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Image taken from Greater Hartford Legal Aid (, hosting by PhotobucketMany years ago, Walski remembers a stand-up comedy skit, by the late Richard Pryor. Yeah, before the movies he used to do stand-up. Anyway, there was one where he relates a discussion about justice in America. The puchline was that if you go to any prison you'd see that "there's no justice, just us" (meaning African Americans).

Or something to that effect.

In any case, Walski read Malik Imtiaz's post today, entitled "What's Going On?" In it he relates 3 recent civil court cases where the wheels of justice somehow spun the wrong way. In fact, spun off the tracks altogether, if you ask Walski. All three have to do with the forced conversion to Islam of minors. And no prizes for guessing what happened.

So, the question Walski has is this - and it is directed to those Muslims who are so adamant on wanting to believe that Islam is at risk, under attack, threatened, and what not. Do a little soul-searching, then answer:

As a Muslim, what's more important, Justice or "Just Us"?

And if you feel like you have a good answer, you know how to leave a comment. No? Walski didn't think so, either...