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Saturday, March 10, 2007

10,000 liars...

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When an idiot politician (cabinet minister, no less) opens his big, fat mouth, and makes big, fat, stupid statements, you can bet your bottom dollar that a parody pix won't be very far away.

Image hosting by PhotobucketA 10,000-strong legion of liars?

For context, see the English translation to the original Chinese news report (from Sin Chew Daily, translated by liar blogger Jeremiah Foo). For outrage, check out what sistahs Elizabeth Wong, Susan Loone, and Marina M. have to say (hat-tip to Rocky) - outrage because of all days, Mr. Numbnuts here had to pick International Women's Day to make his idiotic rant against bloggers.

What on earth was shit-for-brains thinking when he proclaimed that out of 10,000 bloggers (all unemployed, by the way), 80% are women, and all 100% are liars, anti-National Unity, and pro-Civil War.

For the record, this liar is very gainfully employed, thank you very much. In fact, Walski doubts this lardass even reads blogs, let alone enough blogs, to come anywhere close to making such an asinine conclusion.

Assuming, of course, he can read.