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Monday, October 02, 2006


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The nice thing about perpective is that everybody's usually got one of their own.

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Any given event, any given topic, any given anything - every Tom, Dick, Harry and their second cousin twice removed - will have a perspective on it. Their own opinion, adding to a growing collective of already prevalent opinions and thoughts, and with each addition adding another angle to the equation.

So let's do this little experiment. Walski will make a statement, and your assignment is to think about that statement, then add your own perspective. If you have one, that is. If you don't, Walski would be extremely worried.

Walski's statement is this:

We were put on this earth for no other reason than to annoy our fellow human being. And to make everything else non-human extinct.

Assume tt's something Walski strongly believes (ok, maybe not really, but humor Walski, won't you?).

Based on what comments you leave, Walski will decide what to do next with this odd train of thought. Either that, or Walski will write a very annoying post. After all, isn't that what Walski's here for - to annoy the crap out of you?