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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PAS: Political mileage on re-threads...

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Inadvertently, PAS (Parti Islam Semalaysia, or the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) provides us with entertainment in ways they didn't intend to. In a statement that Walski can only describe as unnecessary and almost comical, Harakah, PAS' mouthpiece came out with this entertaining headliner:

Pope didesak tarik balik ucapan, letak jawatan
Insist that the Pope must retract his speech, or resign

Walski doesn't have time this morning to translate the piece, but the gist is that PAS does not accept the Pope's apology (of course, speaking in a voice for all Muslims), and that the Pope must withdraw the entire speech, or resign!

But from reading the news article, two things become obvious. First, nobody in the PAS supreme council has read the speech in its entirety. Secondly, this statement was issued for no other reason than political mileage.

Another article from the same newspaper, this time with the PAS head-honcho claiming that the Pope has a hidden agenda (article is in Bahasa Malaysia). More broken-record same 'ol, same 'ol...

It just makes Walski wonder, with this sort of knee-jerk, third-world stupidity, who in their right mind would even consider these buffoons to lead the country? Sadly, their target demographic are so clueless to the world outside their own, that many will buy into this political rhetoric, and actually uphold these jokers as defenders of the faith.

And you wonder why the Islamic world is in the state it is today...