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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is the Rafa Revolution getting back on track?

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Image hosting by PhotobucketIt's been quite a while since Walski's written a football-related post, or about his team of choice, Liverpool. Not since the FA Community Shield vicory over Chelsea back in mid-August. 5 weeks into the season, and Walski's still not sure about their chances this season.

And can you really blame him?

A pretty shaky start to the season (then again, what's new?), seeing the Reds draw 1 - 1 with newly promoted Sheffield United in the opener, winning over West Ham not very convincingly at Anfield (2 - 1), getting the crap beat out of them (0 - 3) by cross-town rivals Everton, and stuttering to a 0 - 1 loss to Chelsea.

Mrs. Walski (a bigger Reds fan than yours truly) thinks Didier Drogba is the ugliest footballer in the EPL, but what a freaky goal that was, huh?

Unfortunately, Walski could not witness the 2 - 0 win over Newcastle United in the wee ungodly hours of this morning, but reading the reports seems to allude that the Reds are beginning to warm up to the season... late, but better than not at all.

Image from BBC Sports, hosting by PhotobucketBetter still, this morning saw Dirk Kuyt opening his Liverpool scoring account, via a Steve Finnan cross in the 29th minute. The boy's lively, he's fast, but so far his overall finishing has been pretty sloppy. Still, the new upfront pace of Kuyt, with an equally fast Craig Bellamy and Jermaine Pennant, Liverpool in theory should be doing much better than their current 9th placing, with 7 points.

Their finishing, unfortunately, has left a lot to be desired.

But it's early days yet, as the pundits would say, with lotsa football left in the 2006/2007 season. Add to that the Champions League, the FA and Carling Cups, the road ahead for the Reds looks daunting, but promising, based on what Walski's seen so far.

If their form this morning is an indication of their waking up to the season (finally), then Liverpool fans should be in for a fantastic season. The dream of topping the EPL could finally come true this season around.

(more Red tidings in the full post)

Image from BBC Sports, hosting by PhotobucketBut if the second goal from this morning, a stupendous long range shot from Xabi Alonso from the Reds' own half in the 79th minute, is any indication, the tide may just be turning for the Merseysiders.

Still, Walski won't hold his breath - the boys have an uncanny way of letting you down when you least expect them to. And so, we'll just have to wait and see. Just like the last few seasons. Even the Rafa Revolution gets minor derailments every now and again.

Being a Liverpool fan is tough on the nerves.. heh-heh.. the trials, the tribulations.... Now if Walski can only figure out what harebrained strategy Rafa Benitez will think of trying next... Guess it's a good time to get that Valium prescription refilled...