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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

An open post to The Legion of Spam

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"And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, I am Legion: for we are many."
The Bible - Mark 5:9

Something odd happened to myAsylum early this morning, between 4:54am and 5:20am. Somebody, or bodies, left a barrage of comments to an earlier post entitled "Gossiping: The Favorite Malaysian Pastime" - 12 in total, within a span of 26 minutes.

Walski has dubbed them The Legion of Spam.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWe may be Legion but we be SPAM

From the comments, it appears that the Legion of Spam consists of 12, namely:
romsam @ 4:54am
tim @ 4:57am
fong @ 4:49am
miya @ 5:01am
honyang @ 5:03am
aston @ 5:05am
reek @ 5:07am
vovo @ 5:10am
kentanjim @ 5:12am
kok @ 5:13am
vesewe @ 5:16am
ruyom @ 5:20am

And apparently, this is not the first time they have struck. Walski's found at least two other blogs with reporting similar comment spam-attacks of Legionary proportions, one at Desiderata and the other reported by "What going on in dominic thinking box", although the last reported appearance of the Legion was in March this year.

Now, don't get Walski wrong, the comments were actually pretty okay, although each of them VERY LONG, but pertinent to the current goings on. But if you really, truly need to speak your mind...
(Walski's advise to the Legion in the full post)


Blogs-hosting is free with numerous providers to choose from, so please give a damn, don't comment spam. And by the way, Walski knows where you live.