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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The next Malaysian horror film hit?

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Walski is currently in Penang for the weekend, and the weather this morning was hot! hot! hot! Fortunately, it's just started to rain, to cool down the air a bit.

It just occurred to Walski - what if it didn't rain, and there was a power failure to boot? No air-conditioning, no power to run any fans. Then this inspiration for a movie hit Walski in the cerebellum...

Image hosting by PhotobucketFavorite victims include those who champion
free-speech but only for themselves

Hokkien speakers (Penang/Northern ones in particular) should immediately catch the joke... for the others? Go find a northern Hokkien speaker... (hey, if KTemoc can insist, Walski can too!).

Walski would want either U-wei Haji Saari or Yasmin Ahmad to direct the movie (provided Yasmin is willing to switch genres)... Walski has a movie idea that he specifically would like Amir Muhammad to direct, but we'll save that parody for another post...