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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Hypothetical Clubhouse Conundrum

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It's been a long Monday at work, and finally Walski has some spare time. The following is a hypothetical situation involving a clubhouse - think about it while you read the story.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThere is are 3 clubs, which collectively form the occupants of a particular clubhouse, These clubs are the Meli, Butach and Inhich clubs. For as long as the clubhouse has been in existence, all three clubs have operated pretty much troublefree, getting along in the same premises, although the three clubs are quite different and exclusive in their own ways.

The way they've operated is basically like this: the Melis, by virtue of land ownership, pretty much set the premise rules, and the other two clubs have to consult the Meli club when it comes to changing the rules on housekeeping, garden upkeep, etc. as long as it has to do with the land that the clubhouse sits on. The clubhouse itself is jointly rented by all three clubs from the Guild of Clubhouses. Historically, the majority of the Guild has always comprised of Meli club members, although the Butach and Inhich memberships are quite well represented as well. But by virtue of the linkage, the Meli club does get preferrential treatment from the Guild sometimes.

Lately, the have been a few members of the Meli club, for whatever reason, that no longer want to belong to the club, and instead want to join either the Butach or Inhich clubs. The fact that some members want out of the Meli club, has pissed off a number of traditionalist members (who hold sway as far as club opinions go, though they may or may not be part of the club executive committee). So much so that the Melis have complained to the Guild that the other two clubs have been the instigators - despite the fact that the Meli club does not have concrete proof.

From the perspective of the members that want out, their decision has been based on their disillusionment with the Meli club - for reasons best known to these handful of members.

The acrimony between the Meli and the other two clubs has gotten so bad, that the Guild made a decision to order all three clubs to cease the acrimony at once, and for all to keep the status quo - no club-jumping, nor any discussions to such effect.

While the Butach and Inhich clubs have pretty much complied to the shut-up order, the Meli have been secretly lobbying to the Guild to tighten the Guild laws, such that any persons wishing to leave the Meli club would be subject to harsh punishment, and to close any loopholes in the Guild regulations - the ultimate goal is to have a no-way out situation of memebers of the Meli club; once you're in you're in for good. These rules, however, may or may not be adopted by the other two clubs, and the Meli club, frankly, doesn't care if they do or not.

The Meli club has also issued stern warnings to their members, pretty much telling them to stop thinking of leaving the club - OR ELSE. The OR ELSE here would involve banishment to another clubhouse, or risk arrest if the members persist on wanting to leave for one of the other clubs.

Unbeknownst to either one of the three clubs or the Guild, there are members from all 3 clubs that are just fed up, and are looking for other clubhouses to move to.

Incidentally, the Guild of Clubhouses is in no way only accountable to any single one the three clubs, despite its membership comprising of former members from all clubs.

Okay, so now you have the scenario. Here are some questions that Walski would like to ask:
(Walski's questions in the full post)

1. If the Butach and Inhich are complying to the Guild's order, is the Meli club abusing its linkage to the Guild by persisting with their lobbying activities?

2. Should the Guild pander to only what the Meli club wants?

3. If the Meli club is no longer attractive to belong to, does the club have the moral authority to force its members to stay?

4. Shouldn't the Meli club find out what's wrong with the way their club is run, that causes some of its members to be disillusioned?

5. Is the Meli club being selfish and unreasonable?

Walski has his own perspective on this, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the f*ck all this clubhouse business is all about. Do you have an opinion? Think about it...

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