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Friday, August 25, 2006

GoatGate 2: Video exposes the blatant lies of Harian Metro

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As promised in an earlier post, Walski has been informed that the video in now available online. Below is the version you can get off of YouTube. The video is about 1:19 min. And please bear in mind that the video was captured in duress.

Highlights of the video:
0:00 to 0:06 - blurred images, but you can see the plainclothes police with the gun, not like they were in any way threatened, but calmly walking along the road
0:10 to 0:17 - you see the plainclothes waving the gun at an SUV, ordering it to stop
0:21 to 0:25 - here you can see just how threatening the youth were (as in not at all)
0:37 to 0:56 - plainclothes herding the kids out of the SUV
0:57 - is where you hear a gunshot (but the video guys were too kan-chong to actually catch any images)
0:58 - 1:19 (end) - blurred images, but listen to the dialog of the video guys
(commentary and bonus music video in the full post)

Although the video unfortunately doesn't show much, it does establish the fact that the plainclothes police were in no way being "assailed by youth armed with sticks and knives" or had to discharge their firearms "to prevent the aggressive youth from acting more aggressively", as reported by Harian Metro - via the Media & Black Metal blog ( or download the pdf of the news report here). It is very obvious Harian Metro was blatantly misreporting the incident. This is not the first time Harian Metro has lied to the public when reporting about youth involved with the alternative music genre. And once again, the term Black Metal has been used indiscriminately.

So, who was threatening whom? And why such aggressive action by the police? Now, more than ever, the public needs the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission). While us common citizens do appreciate the role the police has to play in our nation, a police force that doesn't play by the rules and acts however it wishes is simply not acceptable. No one should be above the law, least of all the police.

And the blatant obfuscation by sensationalist tabliod press like Harian Metro, the lying, spin-meistering bastards, must also not be tolerated. has also reported on this particular incident, and on Harian Metro's involvement in blatantly misreporting it. Responsible mainstream press, huh?

The video above can also be found at a Zoomshare webpage, "Look Ma! We're Cowboys" (but you may not be able to access the page as Zoomshare has a daily bandwidth limit).

As a special bonus, the creators of the Zoomshare page has spliced together the following music video (also available at YouTube).

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