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Thursday, August 24, 2006

GoatGate 2: More Police Abuse and Conspiracy

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Walski was alerted to this some 10 - 20 minutes ago by { w a s t e d t a l e n t }. Shocking and unbelievable. The Brickfields Police Station seems to be trying hard to get Paul - again.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe GoatGate 2 report by Harian Metro

Harian Metro ran this story about a purported "gang fight" in front of Paul's Place last weekend (or download pdf printout here). And what's shocking is that this incident now appears to be a conspiracy involving the Police, DBKL and Harian Metro.

Read this account by Paul Millott (owner of Paul's Place) and Natasha (a friend).

We are now trying to obtain a video that was taken of the incident, and will be broadcast on a future myAsylum post.

Now, more than ever - where the f*ck is the IPCMC, Pak Lah??