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Sunday, August 13, 2006

English F.A. Community Shield: Liverpool vs Chelsea - Halftime Report

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It is just about time for the English Premier League to kick off in a few weeks. And as always, the opener for the season is the Community Shield, matching up the League and FA Cup winners from last season.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe EPL Season Pre-Opener

Liverpool drew first blood with a beautiful strike from Riise, in the 6th minute with a strike from 35 yards out, culminating a solo effort which began from the Liverpool penaty zone.

Michael Ballack, the new Chelsea signing did not even last the half, substituted after a minor injury. Caution by Jose Mourinho, no doubt, as the injury did not look very serious. Long season ahead.

Chelsea, dubbed the EPL Gallacticos, drew level just before the half with a shot from Shevchenko, taking advantage of a lapse in the Liverpool defense.

So, at half-time the score stands level at 1 - 1.