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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Black Metal Court Case: GoatGate Update

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This is an update on the GoatGate trial, which happened last Monday, and is brought to you thanks to Disarseter Records via e-mail. Most of the contents of this post is from the original e-mail received, edited for climatic reasons (wink-wink).

Walski's note: his should really have been posted yesterday, as planned, but postponed till today, due to unforseen circumcision circumstances.

Paul Millot (owner of Paul's Place), his lawyer, and David Wong (an employee also implicated), showed up at the courhouse at the stipulated time last Monday. The original magistrate judge had been reassigned, and so a new judge presided. In summary,

A) The new magistrate asked the police why they were pressing charges since this appeared to be a DBKL case. The prosecuting lawyer responded that the police were claiming jurisdiction in this matter (a possible reason has been given by Paul - see below)

B) The magistrate has postponed David's hearing to March 7, 2007

C) As for the confiscated gear (instruments, amps, and lots more) the magistrate instructed the police to either return what was confiscated immediately, or send the Investigating Officer over to explain why the gear cannot be returned.

Paul's addendum to the above: (in the full post)
Mr. Millot maintains that the raid on Paul's Place on New Year's eve was based on a false tip-off to the police, who were expecting Black Metal rituals [sic], drug taking, and Goat Sacrifices [really sic]. The police, he says, acted unlawfully and had no right to remove anyone or anything from the premises. The charges, currently pending hearing, were brought up only after the fact by the police, having not found any evidence of "Black Metal" activities or drugs. Mr. Millot also maintains that none of the charges warranted the detainment of not only the guest in the premises, but also anyone found in the immediate vicinity (including the nearby mamak stalls).

myAsylum will keep y'all posted on any new developments, particularly pertaining to the release of equipment, currently still in police custody.