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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

As We Turn 49: A Lifelong Journey

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Image hosting by Photobucket14 shopping days to go before 31st August, boys and girls.

Today's been a busy day, so we'll keep it short and sweet for this installment. And perhaps, a once a day post was a little to ambitious. But here goes.

They say, as human beings, we never stop learning. That life, from cradle to grave, is one long educational road trip. Walski couldn't agree more.

Knowledge, in any field, is organic. Knowledge grows as we feed it, and to feed it we learn more. It's never-ending. Which is not a bad thing, really.

So when someone makes the claim that a certain field has been thoroughly studied and researched, and therefore no longer needs to be improved upon, Walski becomes sceptical. Now before some people out there start jumping up and down, this is not about anyone or anything specifically - it's merely a general statement. Knowledge, when left to stagnate, tends to get buried under the cobwebs of time.

To move forward, Malaysia must strive to be at par with, or better than, the rest of the world. Be it technology, governance, or any area of knowledge and action. The rest of the world will not wait for us to catch up. That's the game. And what appears to be the world's first partial cold fusion car (as reported by The Star today) is definitely something moving in the right direction.

And so as we edge closer towards the anniversary of our independence, realize that success is not achieved through a culture of blame, or hanging on to antiquated ideas. It is achieved through innovation, creativity, and the will and want to succeed.

Success is scary, Walski must warn you. But to suffer the consequences of that fear, if we allow it to envelope us, is scarier still....