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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Would a Rose, by any other name, still taste like chicken?

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Lot's of things, apparently, taste like chicken. Name any exotic meat, ask what it tastes like, and for some reason, most will say, "Kinda like.. chicken". Maybe more pungent, or tougher, but at the end of the day, the chicken-like taste is hard to run away from.

Okay, most of the above is hearsay, as told to Walski by other exotic meat eaters - with the exception of gator meat and frogs legs (both ingested by accident). And guess what? Both do taste just like chicken.

Image hosting by PhotobucketNo hidden meaning here, just a silly chicken joke cartoon

And it doesn't just stop at food. (more in the full post)

When insecurity, racist tendencies, selfishness, myopia, blind allegience, seiged minds and herd-mentality, all recently reared their ugly heads, collectively in the name of Islam, to protest against Article 11, the first thing that came to Walski's mind was, "Hmmm... tastes just like chicken".

Walski's seen it all before. The all-too-familiar rhetoric of us against them. It reflects a lot of sentiments hidden behind a stated agenda. Well, this post is not about debating who's right or who's wrong - it's like flogging a dead horse, really. And it's Sunday - there are lot's of better, more important things in life to do than beating up on dead equine carcasses.

So now, Walski's given y'all another euphemism to use, when you see something seeming nouveau (be it behavior, food, etc.). If it sounds/looks/tastes remotely familiar:

"Hmmm... tastes just like chicken"

Because, in all likelihood, it probably does.