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Friday, July 21, 2006

Sit, Siti, Siti... Enough Already!

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Walski finds it hard to understand, sometimes, this Malaysian fascination with celebrities. It's almost a morbid curiousity thing. So Siti Nurhaliza's gonna get hitched to Datuk K. Good for her. A whole instant family, minus the labor pains. Beyond that, Big F*ck*ng Deal! Get on with life, people.

In any case, out of sheer stupid curiousity, Walski did a Technorati search on Siti Nurhaliza, and came up with about 7,986 posts (and counting) containing her name. Un-fuck*ng-believable...

Image hosting by Photobucket7,986 posts and counting: Malaysia's most
blogged about individual... maybe

Well, Walski wishes her well on her new phase in life. I guess Malaysians will be the kay-poh (busybody) people that they are and continue to yak, yak, yak about her and her upcoming exravagant multi-million ringgit show wedding in August. And then after that, yak-yak-yak some more about the sure heboh event.

Holy Sh*t, Batman! Just realized something... oops, make that 7,987 posts!

Well, Walski leaves you with a couple of Siti related silliness. The first is this joke that's been making its rounds on the SMS circuit (Received it twice so far! Fair chance you may have gotten it.):

It would seem, Datuk K is too old to drive a brand new City, he should learn from a more humble Datuk Effendi, who drives a used Tiara.

Ok, that was pretty lame, Walski knows. One last thing. Someone wrote a song and made a video about his hearbreak upon hearing that Siti Nurhaliza was getting married. Go view it at this site, if you got nothing better to do (it's mildly amusing, and in Malay).