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Monday, July 17, 2006

Rotting from the inside

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Superiority complex - a thinly veiled overcompensation of an underlying feeling of inferiority and a mind beseiged. It manifests itself by a need to condemn others, by putting oneself upon a padestal, beyond reproach, beyond criticism. Almost god-like, some would reckon. An implicit sort of hypocrisy that may not be obvious to the afflicted, but visually and audibly clear to the rest of the vibrant world around him.

But behind the facade lies a frightened, child-like mind, unable to address the tumultuous issues that plague his psyche. He can never be wrong, he can never be corrected; criticism is seen as insult, advice as personal attacks. The fantasy world he lives in fuels the malignant mind further, superior on the outside, slowly rotting on the inside.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIt is a wall, not of brick and mortar, but of selfish thought. And within that wall, a festering soul awaits redemption from himself. His world is dark. As if a layer of impermeable metal protecting his heart from the obvious truths that beseige him. But it is that same shield that prevents him from being a fulfilled entity on this earth.

The shields of heart and mind can be broken, but only from the inside. Yet, the choice between forever festering in a mired existence, or breaking free is not an easy one to make. For the dark side of humanity has its comforts and privileges.

Lies become truths, dellusions become reality. The one true source of all that is righteous is ignored, and instead the creation of misguided mortals are elevated to the status of the divine - and in this he finds solace, duped by the very same shields he himself has erected.

It is a disease. Of the mind. And of the soul.

Not one curable by a barrage of antibiotics, but an affliction that can only be eradicated when the soul is set free. That very freedom is what the festering mind fears, reinforcing the blinding sheild, which continues to surround his soul, micron by tiny micron, until the gaps of escape are forever shut, never again to see the light of a beautiful day.