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Thursday, July 27, 2006


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Image hosting by PhotobucketLemmings - mammal, furry, not too bright

There be lemmings here amongst us
Following the lemming trail
Not with sight, yet they be joyous
Follow the leaders, nary astray
For that, be the lemming way

Destination, come what may
Lemmings blindly follow
Fret not, the leaders bray
Just follow what we say
For that, be the lemming way

Blindly follow, oblivion beckons
There be lemmings, near and far
No return, the lemmings reckon
And loudly they will bray
This be the lemming way

Tumbling along, the lemmings follow
Not with sight, and not with sound
Come be a lemming, without any sorrow
For a lemming cannot stray
If you follow our lemming way

Round and round, they tumble along
Just follow, front to rear
Think not, for thought is wrong
The lemming leaders hold them sway
Into the void, the lemming way

There be a multitude amongst us
Lemmings, light and dark
Be they sightless, blind but joyous
There be lemmings, come what may
Stumbling along, the lemming way

So who’s to say, don’t follow
It’s folly, can’t you see
They’re void of any sorrow
Blind may they be, but not astray
Off the ledge, lemmings lead the way

A thousand years of blind allegience
Speak not of right or wrong
Lemmings, in blind obedience
Till death, continue, come what may
The lemmings, and their lemming way