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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Late Breaking News, and a short hiatus

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Work sucks, but someone's gotta do it. Otherwise Walski and the Mrs. won't have anything to eat...

Image hosting by PhotobucketWork in Progress: The bill-paying kind

Anyhow, for the better part of this week, work-demands mean that myAsylum won't get updated as frequently as Walski would like it to be. In the meantime, enjoy the wealth of older posts (there are about 148 of them, to date).

But before Walski takes the time off, there are a few important things to report. This is real news, and not Walski's satire, ok?

Late-Breaking News: Over 100 people killed in Mumbai train blast
Image hosting by PhotobucketMore than 100 people are feared dead in a series of coordinated bomb blasts in Mumbai, India, around 10pm Malaysia time last night (Tuesday, July 11). Read the BBC report for details. Due to the coordinated nature of these blasts (seven separate blasts have been reported), it is suspected that this has been a terrorist attack. No claims of responsibility have been made, as of this posting.

Late Breaking Music News: Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett Dies
Image hosting by PhotobucketSyd Barrett, founding member of Pink Floyd passed on yesterday, at the age of 60, due to complications from diabetes. If you're not a music afficionado like Walski, you'll probably not care about this bit of news... BBC has the report, and links to other Barrett and Pink Floyd related features. Ever since leaving the group, Syd Barrett has been noted by the British press as one of the most reclusive rock celebrities. More thoughts on this when Walski comes back online, in a few days, God-willing.

So there - social obligation of telling the news done. The creative juices gotta flow in another direction for the next couple of days or so...